Amazing Facts About Goa

Goa Beaches

Goa is the smallest state in India by a considerable margin, and has the highest per capita income. The landscape of the state is surprisingly diverse, ranging from the beaches of its nearly 70-mile-long coast to the densely forested Western Ghats mountain range on its interior border through lush river valleys.

Its pocket-sized beautiful landscapes exert an influential allure. Soon after you land at the Goa airport or alight from a train at the railway station, you feel the difference – the familiar sub-continental hustle-bustle, the skies clear to a distant horizon and jostling gives way to a measured languor and broad smiles,

Below are 9 facts you don’t know about Goa that might just blow your mind:

1. Smallest but Richest State

Located on along the Arabian Sea, Goa is the smallest state in India. Despite it being the smallest state on the west coast of India, it is the richest state in the country, having a GDP per capita two and a half times that of India all together.

2. State of 8 Languages

Goa is a state where 8 languages are spoken. Among them 5 are the most common, which are: Portuguese, English, Konkani, Marathi and Hindi. The other main languages spoken in the state are Gujrati, Kannada, and Urdu. Konkani is Goa’s official language, which is written in five different scripts.

3. Destination of Tropical Climate

Goa offers travellers a hot and humid climate with average temperatures of 25 to 30c from November to April. And up to 40 degrees with high humidity in October and May.

4. Only Place to Hire Two Wheeler

Goa is the only place where you can hire a two wheeler taxi, which is called ‘pilots’. These motorcycle taxis are the best option for a local sightseeing. They are cheaper than the private transports and are recognized by their yellow license plates.

5. State of multiple religions

Goa has people of different culture and religions. About 65.7 percent of Goans practice Hinduism whereas 26.6 percent Christianity. 6.8 percent of population practices Islam and rest one percent is Buddhists, Sikh, and Jain.

6. India’s Most Forested State

Goa is the most forested state in India. 33 percent of the land is covered with forest.

7. Asia’s Largest Church

The Se Cathedral, located in Old Goa, is the largest church in Asia. This 16th century cathedral house stretches in 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breadth. It has eight chapels within its confines. The final edifice is larger than any church in Portugal itself.

8. India’s Most Popular Resort Place

Goa is India’s most popular resort destination – not just for tourists from Israel, Europe, and Russia, but ever more for India’s middle class family, for whom Goa is a destination of ‘relaxed’ or ‘laid-back’.

9. A Place Of 6,000 Licensed Bars

Goa has 6,000 bars which are licensed to sell alcohol. The more interesting thing is that, there is a low excise duty on alcohol. So the prices of wine, beer and spirits are lower.


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