What is Special in Mumbai? Famous in Mumbai

Hotel Taj in Mumbai

Every city has something to talk about, Same way specialties of Mumbai city, Its people and its unique way of living lifestyle has something special to say, Lets see it one by one.

Specialty of Mumbai People

First of all, what makes this city unique in India is the people of Mumbai, It is said that a person who can live in Mumbai can survive anywhere, WHY ? Mumbai is one of the Cities who has a real fast and hectic lifestyle, be it a Men or a working women. This people in themselves are special in Mumbai, They know how to survive in Floods Of 26 July 2005, they are one who gets in First class compartment just after few hours of Serial blast in Mumbai. I bet if anyone competes those working class traveling in Local trains for hours after that full day of hard work in office, or walking in heat. Poeple here are use to just everything, they dare to face every odds of the city, Still cooperative and helping others.

Eating and Food Speciality in Mumbai (Cuisine)

Mumbai is the only place with all types of cuisine and food, specially few eateries found commonly every where in Mumbai, which are Vada Pav, Sev Puri, Pani Puri, Daabeli, Toast sandwich and Cutting chai (Half Tea). This are some road side eating specialties if Mumbai, Enjoy it with full taste and hey just Ignore that little of Unhygienic feeling because of being on road side. A true Mumbaiker just says “Chalta Hai Re..”, which means (That Ok Buddy). Mumbai is also famous for its Special south Indian Restaurants (A true heaven food junction for lots of those working class crowd). Survival Food cost for a day in Mumbai can be as low as 100/-  per day (Approximate 2 U.S Dollars) or less. Dont forget to enjoy Baraf Gola (Ice Candies) and Some chatpata khana (Spicy Food) at Juhu Chowpatty, which is one of the best specialties of Mumbai.

Sightseeing Specialties

Wonderful beaches, Old Temples, Water Amusement parks, Street Shopping, Picnic Spots and few of the special sightseeing attractions of Mumbai.

Mumbai Specialty Hotels

Mumbai has hotels for all class of people, 5 star,3-4 Star, Resorts and General with all type of food specialties. By the way Chinese Food is something our Mumbaiker enjoys a lot here. Special Chinese Shops as well as Street Chinese stalls both have great taste. Cafe Coffee day, Pizza Huts, McDonalds etc is something which is common in city.

Shopping Specialties in Mumbai

There are lots of Shopping malls and Street shopping available in Mumbai, Some famous malls like Inorbit Mall (Malad), Atria Mall (Worli), Citi Mall (Andheri), Big Bazaar and Pantaloons (High Street, Lower Parel) are just few to be listed for those fashion lovers wanted some cool shopping out here. Those were some NO BARGAIN shops, But hey Mumbai is Special for its Bargain, So here comes Fashion Street Shopping, Linking Road with lots of shopping options of all ages you can and must sure Bargain here. Specialties of street side shopping is its Cheap Costing and Bargain options with latest fashion trends and varieties for girls especially.

Monsoon Rainy Days Specialties

Wow, Monsoon makes Mumbai special. During first week of Monsoon this place is to be seen. In Weekdays and Weekend you can find people specially coming to sea shores and beach locations like Bandra Bandstand, Chowpatty, Gateway Of India, Worli Sea Face to enjoy those big waves coming towards road. Eating Fried Maize and Sweet Corn is Specialty of Mumbai people during Monsoon season.


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