What are the best places for shopping in Goa? What should we buy?

Shopping Places in Goa

Shopping in Goa is completely different. However it may look like any traditional busy crowded market at first sight, but once you visit there you will find it completely different than any other local shopping market of India.

Let's see what are the places and markets where you should visit shopping in Goa:

Anjuna Flea Market (Every Wednesday)
Calangute Market Square (Famous Saturday Market)
Mapusa Market
Baga Beach Market (Saturday Night Flea Market)
Ingo’s Saturday Night Market Arpora
Mackie’s Night Market
Panjim Market
Margao Market
Vasco’s Municipal Market
Caculo Shopping Mall
If you want to read Goa shopping guide, check here my latest blog post written about Goa shopping:

What item you should buy? Few major items I will suggest you to buy from these famous Goa markets are:

Spice, carpets, jewelry, glass bangles, musical instruments, crafts, fresh fish & vegetables, fancy items,  bric-a-brac, souvenirs, and leather products.

Top 10 Things to Do in Mumbai

Top 10 Things to Do in Mumbai

1. Marvel the architecture on a heritage walk around Fort and Colaba, Mumbai's famous precincts. Make sure not to miss the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal hotel, Flora fountain, and Crawford Market.

2. Take a behind the scenes tour of Bollywood. Visit an old heritage cinema, peek inside a film star’s makeup room and pose for souvenir snapshots with some of today's Bollywood stars.

3. Go spelunking! Take a boat from Ferry Wharf and visit the Elephanta Caves, a network of sculpted Hindu and Buddhist caves. While there, eat the delicious wild berries the locals sell.

4. Get an inside look at the slums of Dharavi. It's a breathtaking, overwhelming experience with its ultra-dense housing and poverty and wealth existing in close proximity in the heart of Mumbai.

5. Enjoy one of the many festivals - Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi - no matter when you’re in Mumbai, there’s a local festival! Interact with Mumbaikars (locals) and learn more about their culture.

6. Explore the bazaars of Mumbai and navigate the labyrinth of narrow lanes. Buy masala at the Lalbagh Spice Market, cooking utensils in Null Bazaar, or antiques and other gems in Chor Bazaar.

7. Visit Sassoon Docks, the largest fish market in Mumbai. See travelers and boats haul their catch in at dawn and learn about Mumbai's fish trade from the Kolis, the original seafarers of Mumbai.

8. Explore Dhobi Ghat, the largest open air laundromat in the world. Then ride the trains with the dabbawalas, the people who transport hot meals from homes to offices everyday.

9. Take a walk along Marine Drive; the Queen's Necklace features excellent views of the Mumbai skyline. It's especially magical during the monsoon when you'll be sprayed by the waves.

10. Ride the local transport! Mumbai is famous for its double-decker buses and notoriously crowded local trains, but it's the best way to get around and explore the city. It's cheap too.

Top 10 Street Foods in Mumbai, Special Food in Mumbai

Khau Gali

Pav Bhaji @ Sardar's

A five-minute walk from Mumbai Central station, Sardar's Refreshments specialises in straight-from-the-streets, finger-licking pav bhaji. It's hidden behind white barriers, but mutter "Pav bhaji?" to any passerby and they will point you in the right direction. Two metal plates arrive within minutes: one containing thick vegetable masala straddled by a slab of butter, the other with fluffy rolls so well buttered the bread's yellow. Your arteries will tighten at the sight, but your stomach will thank you. Squeeze some lemon on top and dig in with your fingers.

  • Sardar's, 166-A Tardeo Road Junction, Tulsiwadi, near Tardeo bus depot, +91 22 2494 0208, £1 a serving. Open noon-2am

Kebabs @ Sarvi

Mohammed Ali Road is the benchmark for skewered kebabs, which hang from smoking stalls like sizzling curtains. But towards the north end, veer left on to Dimtimkar Road and head to Sarvi. It's been around for 90 years, has no sign, looks fire damaged, and grills the most tender beef seekh kebabs in the city. Crisp on the outside and melting in the middle, with a hint of mint – rumour has it they grind papaya into the meat. Get there early evening, as they sell out fast.

  • Sarvi, 184/196 Dimtimkar Road, opposite Nagpada Police Station, Byculla West, +91 98 3353 3305, from Rs78 (£1) for four kebabs. Open 9.30am-11.30pm

Vada Pav @ Anand

It's every Mumbaikar's grab-and-go snack. Potato patties mashed with garlic, chillies and coriander are dipped in chickpea flour, fried golden, then laid in "pav" – a springy white bap that's well buttered, spread with coriander chutney and sprinkled with garlic and chilli powder. Everyone from students to businessmen flock to the Anand stall, under a purple and green awning, which whips up more than a thousand a day. An added touch is a plate of rock-salted fried green chillies, which aren't nearly as fiery as you might think. Cool off with mini bottles of sweet lassi from the stall to the left.

  • Anand, opposite Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West, 20p a bap. Open 7.30am-11pm

Pani Puri @ Elco Pani Puri Centre

The craft is part of the fun: vendors poke a thumb into a crisp fried sphere, fill it with potato, chickpeas, onion and sprouted lentils, then dunk it into a sweet-and-sour mix of tamarind and jaggery, then a liquid blend of coriander, mint and garam masala. Eat it whole, and unless you have a stomach of steel, don't go anywhere but Elco Pani Puri Centre, where they use mineral water. Pull up a red plastic stool and sit on the pavement with Bandra's locals, and the occasional Bollywood actress.

  • Elco Pani Puri Centre, 2/A Elco Market, 46 Hill Rd, Bandra West, +91 22 2645 7677, 50p for two. Open 10am-11.30pm

Chicken Tikka Rolls @ Bademiya

No Mumbaikar seems to have been to Bademiya before 3am – a testament to the late-night allure of its charcoaled, meaty goodness. A glorified open-air kitchen on wheels, Bademiya sits in a backstreet directly behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Waiters in red aprons appear from a cloud of smoke and hand over plastic menus, but the chicken tikka rolls are the best option. Slid off skewers, the meat is wrapped in a steaming roomali roti – as thin and soft as a handkerchief – and topped with strips of fried onion. No sauce required, its juices are enough.

  • Bademiya, Tulloch Rd, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, £1.50 a roll. Open 5pm-4am

Bhel Puri @ Sharmajee's and Badshah's

Bhel puri is one of the most common all-day snacks: a crunchy, cold, sweet-and-sour mix of puffed rice, sev, chopped onion and potato, and tamarind chutney. It has to be mixed and eaten on the spot, and most vendors will concoct their own variations. Chowpatty Beach is the home of bhel puri, where it should be eaten while strolling along the shore. Try Sharmajee's (No 22) or Badshah's (No 11), amid the cluster of stalls opposite the Levi's Store, where rugs are spread out and bhel puri "touts" will bring it over to you.

  • Sharmajee's and Badshah's, Chowpatty Beach, near Charni Road station, 30p per plate. Open all day

Kheema Pav @ Olympia Coffee House

Forget trawling Colaba's tourist spots for fry-ups and cereal, and try breakfast the way the locals do it – with a plate of fried minced meat and hunks of bread to mop it up. Directly opposite the infamous Leopold's, Olympia does saucers of delicious masala kheema – and don't forget, this is a coffee house, so top it off with a short, sweet cup. Olympia is a local Muslim haunt with not a female in sight, but female visitors shouldn't be put off: the waiters and customers are friendly, courteous and no one bats an eyelid.

  • Olympia Coffee House, Rahim Mansion, 1 SB Singh Rd, Colaba, +91 22 2202 1043, £1 a plate. Open 7am-midnight

Channa Bhatura @ Cream Centre

As a rule, restaurants with laminated menus showing photos of their food aren't to be trusted. Cream Centre is an exception. It does a version of channa bhatura that's a bit on the oily side, but it's rated the best in Mumbai by the hordes of students, families and workers on breaks. Sit tight in your booth as a football-sized, deep-fried puri arrives alongside a bowl of creamy masala chickpeas, diced potatoes and onions. Poke a finger in the top and watch the puri deflate slowly into a chewy bread for scooping up the masala.

  • Cream Centre, Fulchand Niwas 25/B Chowpatty Sea Face, +91 22 2367 9222, £2 a serving. Open noon-11.30pm

Crab @ Mahesh Lunch Home

Strictly not street food, but it's a sin to come to Mumbai and not eat crab. Trishna is excellent, but full of expats and tourists, so try Mahesh, around the corner from the Mocambo Café, in Fort. Order the jumbo butter garlic crab with a roomali roti to wipe up the crunchy bits of garlic and chilli. If you're unsure about portions, waiters will happily bring your crab to the table to wave a leg at you. There's only one way to eat it – with a bib and both hands, making as much mess as you like.

  • Mahesh Lunch Home, 8-B Cawasji Patel Street, Fort, +91 22 2287 0938, £10. Call for opening hours

Juices and Milkshakes @ Bachelorr's

Bachelorr's (yes, they've added an extra "r") is the definitive hangout for smoothies, shakes and juices. It's been in business since the 1940s and has generated a loyal following, who gather by the roadside kiosk during warm evenings, perched on car bonnets and in open boots. The cream-and-strawberry milkshake is a classic, but it also churns out numerous chocolate variations – from Classic Chocolate and Black Gold Premium to Liquid Marble – along with a host of fresh lime, coconut water and lychee juices.

  • Bachelorr's, Chowpatty Sea Face, opposite Birla Krida Kendra, near Charni Rd station, +91 22 2368 1408, from £1-2. Open 3pm-11pm

Special Things to do in Goa

Goa Beaches

Between all the things to do in Goa and all the things that you want to do in Goa, there are exactly 10 things that you simply must do when on Goa tour. Here’s a list of them all.


You wouldn’t have thought Goa to be a dolphin-seeing kind of place. But, it is! There are many boat services on which you can embark to see dolphins frolic and play around in the sea. The experience is sure to be better than *any* video you’ve seen on National Geographic, trust me.


There are some items that are best purchased in Goa. These include all kinds and varieties of swim-wear, jholas, harem pants and colourful of accessories + beads. There are numerous shops that line the streets, beaches of Goa and many places to see in Goa, so choice won’t ever be a problem.


Seriously, what’s the harm? Temporary, henna or permanent – you can choose to get just the type of tattoo that you’d like.

4. EAT!

Given the high number of tourists that flock to Goa each year, the food scene here has grown multi-fold. While the sea-food options are to die-for, the numerous shacks are the perfect place to hang-out, chill with friends and have a good time + meal.


Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do in Goa is to visit its umpteen beaches. Lie down on the sand, bathe in the waters or go parasailing or gliding – Goa’s beaches are a joy. If you are in a large group, do spend the night at the beach. It will be an experience you won’t ever forget.


Exotic river cruises or sunset cruises that offer live music and dance performances are a sheer joy. Embark on one of these and see the fun song & dance side of Goa.


Needless to say, Goa has some of the best and oldest churches in India. Make it a point to a visit a shrine or two and observe + appreciate their beautiful architecture.


The best way to see Goa is to hire a bike (Vespa) and to ride non-stop, all day on its roads and routes. So, hire one as soon as you reach your destination and explore this sunny + beachy state on a two-wheeler.


There are many ayurvedic centres in Goa. Head to one of these and allow the ancient healings & medicines to de-stress and re-energise you.


The 10th item in the list of top 10 things to do in Goa is, not surprisingly, party. Go wild, get rid of your inhibitions and simply have a good time.

Amazing Facts About Goa

Goa Beaches

Goa is the smallest state in India by a considerable margin, and has the highest per capita income. The landscape of the state is surprisingly diverse, ranging from the beaches of its nearly 70-mile-long coast to the densely forested Western Ghats mountain range on its interior border through lush river valleys.

Its pocket-sized beautiful landscapes exert an influential allure. Soon after you land at the Goa airport or alight from a train at the railway station, you feel the difference – the familiar sub-continental hustle-bustle, the skies clear to a distant horizon and jostling gives way to a measured languor and broad smiles,

Below are 9 facts you don’t know about Goa that might just blow your mind:

1. Smallest but Richest State

Located on along the Arabian Sea, Goa is the smallest state in India. Despite it being the smallest state on the west coast of India, it is the richest state in the country, having a GDP per capita two and a half times that of India all together.

2. State of 8 Languages

Goa is a state where 8 languages are spoken. Among them 5 are the most common, which are: Portuguese, English, Konkani, Marathi and Hindi. The other main languages spoken in the state are Gujrati, Kannada, and Urdu. Konkani is Goa’s official language, which is written in five different scripts.

3. Destination of Tropical Climate

Goa offers travellers a hot and humid climate with average temperatures of 25 to 30c from November to April. And up to 40 degrees with high humidity in October and May.

4. Only Place to Hire Two Wheeler

Goa is the only place where you can hire a two wheeler taxi, which is called ‘pilots’. These motorcycle taxis are the best option for a local sightseeing. They are cheaper than the private transports and are recognized by their yellow license plates.

5. State of multiple religions

Goa has people of different culture and religions. About 65.7 percent of Goans practice Hinduism whereas 26.6 percent Christianity. 6.8 percent of population practices Islam and rest one percent is Buddhists, Sikh, and Jain.

6. India’s Most Forested State

Goa is the most forested state in India. 33 percent of the land is covered with forest.

7. Asia’s Largest Church

The Se Cathedral, located in Old Goa, is the largest church in Asia. This 16th century cathedral house stretches in 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breadth. It has eight chapels within its confines. The final edifice is larger than any church in Portugal itself.

8. India’s Most Popular Resort Place

Goa is India’s most popular resort destination – not just for tourists from Israel, Europe, and Russia, but ever more for India’s middle class family, for whom Goa is a destination of ‘relaxed’ or ‘laid-back’.

9. A Place Of 6,000 Licensed Bars

Goa has 6,000 bars which are licensed to sell alcohol. The more interesting thing is that, there is a low excise duty on alcohol. So the prices of wine, beer and spirits are lower.

List of Beaches in Goa. Famous Beaches in Goa.

Beaches in Goa

Well, all the beaches mentioned below have the magnificence and audacity to keep you glaring throughout the day. Each beach is best enjoyed only if one could spend a minimum 2 days around the place.

Most of the beaches in Goa have different activities happening within the vicinity. Like Watersports, Retreat resorts, Massage centres, Beach Shacks, Beach huts, Restaurants, Boat ride, Scooter ride, Night Markets, Disco clubs, Shopping Stalls, Sightseeing’s etc.

So here are the top 10 beaches in Goa, selected among the best of the best. Please make sure to admire every little aspect when you visit these gorgeous beaches, as they indeed are absolutely adorable.

1. Palolem Beach – 25 kms from Margao city

A scenic beach in extreme south Goa, with scenic rocks and islands off its shores. Good eat­ing options. Watersports activity can be enjoyed at its Best on this beach. It is becom­ing pricey (by local stan­dards) and get­ting a bit crowded, but still less crowded com­pared to other pop­u­lar beaches. A lot of people say that I’m addicted to this place but I would rather say I’m in love with it.

2. Baga Beach – 2 kms from Calangute Beach

Baga Beach looks as if it has come straight out of a painting. The serenity of this wooded headland coupled with its scenic beauty in itself an attraction of Baga beach. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Definitely a number 2 on my list cos it simply has the best of amenities around it.

3. Benaulim Beach – 6 kms from Margao city

Benaulim beach is the beach to be, when you just want to relax. One can just laze the day off soaking in the sun, It gives you the pleasure and satisfaction of being in Goa. The best thing about Benaulim beach is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a famous beach for fishing. A candle light dinner amidst the setting is an excellent add-on to the perfect vacation.

4. Miramar Beach – 3 kms from Panjim city

A 2 km long coast of excellent, soft silvery sand bed, a mesmerizing vast blue sea in front of it, the Miramar Beach is a beautiful expanse of fine golden sands girdled with palm trees facing the blue Arabian Sea. Miramar beach is the sort of beach where you sit down and watch the sunset in its entire splendour.

5. Colva Beach – 5 kms from Margao city

Its stretch is around 2.4 km; the beach consists of the finest powder white sand and is lined along its shore by coconut palms. It has been one of the famous beaches of Goa, and is a threat to those who want to have a lovely sunbathe and a peaceful relaxed moment. This beach is a spec­ta­cle of sea, sand and sky, the perfect blend of an enchant­ing nat­ural har­mony, weav­ing their magic spell on the vis­i­tors.

6. Calangute Beach – 8 kms from Mapusa city

An ultimate destination to spend the most exquisite experience of one’s life, Calangute sees an influx of charter tourists, as well as low budget tourists and backpackers year after year. Bordered on the western coast of Goa, Calangute is India’s best known beach as a touristic destination. Popularized by the hippies in the 60’s including The Beatles who used to come to Calangute in the late sixties to rest and enjoy beach life.

7. Majorda Beach – 5 kms from Colva Beach

Situated in the south of Goa, Majorda beach is one that will sweep you off your feet with its canopy of palm trees, soft white-sands, clear waters & mere bliss. I’ve been living here since a kid and trust me I love this place for its serenity and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the most marvelous beaches in Goa that I know for certain. Majorda beach can be regarded as one of Goa’s best kept secret, which is relatively unknown and offers visitors to Goa the paradise like surroundings they have come to experience.

8. Bogmalo Beach – 5 Kms from Dabolim Airport

The most attractive thing about this beach is the sunset. The yellow orange tinged sun with a pinkish hue, dipping at the horizon is a sight you cannot miss in this lifetime. Bogmalo originally was a small fishing hamlet but now is a growing tourist hub. Many locals in the village depend upon fishing for their livelihood. Quality time can be spent with family, friends and loved ones. Surely a tour of the Bogmalo beach will be etched in your memory for a very long time.

9. Vagator Beach – 9 kms from Mapusa city

Vagator beach resembles a crescent as it meets the Chapora estuary. This beach boasts of white sand that are beautifully contrasted with black rocks. The lush greenery all around, the swaying palms and aquamarine water of the Arabian Sea of Vagator Beach takes your breath away. Yes, the very famous Sunburn Festival has been relocated to this beautiful spot. Spend some time on the cliffs overlooking the beach for a spectacular view. Sunsets on Vagator are beautiful, and the rocky headlands make for a dramatic sea scape.

10. Dona Paula Beach – 4 Kms from Panjim city

Tranquil and blue, Dona Paula unravels the ultimate in aquatic sport and fun. Apart from enjoying the great view from atop the hillock, you can simply relax in benches enjoying the evening sea breeze and sunset. So watch the difference in the water color. See the Arabian sea far into the horizon. And make sure you sip the refreshing lemon drink the locals sell.